Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting Close!

As of today we are #2 on the unofficial waiting list for a baby boy!!  Wow.  This little boy we thought we would be waiting for 5-8 months to see has taken over 3 years.  And now we have two more children than expected and are currently not ready to add another.  I don't know when we'll be ready but I am praying that God will give me peace and clarity about it and let us know when we should starting renewing our paperwork.  I wish we could trade spots with some of our friends who are further down the list, but that just isn't possible in the adoption world.  I will keep praying for that special little boy and to be able to hear when it is time for us to get back on the saddle to be able to accept his referral!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So Much Has Happened!!

Well, so much has happened since the last post!!!!  We were just waiting and waiting so their wasn't so much to share.  So since then Kylie Rose was born on Aug 6, 2012 and William Eyiba snuck in as the oldest sibling :) and came to be forever ours on Oct 29, 2012!!  They are 9 1/2 months stuff!!  So the little boy we are still waiting for will now be the youngest of 3!!  God sure has big plans if we let him take over!  Ha! :)
So last post we were #29 on the list with America World and now we are #7!!  We have to wait until at least Oct 29th for his referral but we could possibly choose to wait a little longer as truthfully I am not sure if I can handle #3 at the moment!!  Normally moving up the list is cause for extreme excitement but in our case I can handle the slowness, though I don't want everyone else on the list to stop moving!  One of my friends Liza texts me every once in awhile to let me know what # we are and causes me to have a slight panic attack! :)
So the last post Jason was on a mission trip to Ethiopia and Uganda.  He was also supposed to go in 2012 but Will's court date and Kylie's birth both interrupted that trip!  Kylie was due on Aug 11, Will's court date was on Aug 14 and Jason's trip was scheduled that week as well.  I ended up being induced on Aug 5th, Kylie was born Aug 6th and Jason left for Ethiopia on Aug 10th.  Thankfully my mom came down that week and helped me out with Kylie, which was a big relief!  Jason did end up being able to hang out with his friends on the mission trip his last day in Ethiopia.  The doctor's almost didn't let us get induced because apparently Kylie wasn't ready yet, but thankfully they let us (with a lot of prayers) and she was born pretty quickly after.  It should have been a stressful week with all that was going on but God put a calmness over us and I just kinda knew that it would all work out so that Jason could witness his first biological child being born and make Will's court date.  I recall that night when Jason was at Court and I was looking at my email every 10 minutes at around 3 am waiting to hear if we passed.  I fell asleep at some point and I think it was around 6am when I heard the good news.  Jason has a few stories of those few days that he'll share in Will's adoption book.  It was a whirlwind from what I understand!  Probably good that I wasn't there!!!
So now I will try to keep updating this blog because all of the previous info is still pertinent as we are still waiting for this little boy, he must be pretty special, as we have/are waiting a long time for him to be a part of our family!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

7th Months Waiting!

This update is for you Aunt Susan. :)  I hope you're doing well!

Unfortunately we don't have much news other than we are holding steady at 29 on the "unofficial" list.  We have been waiting now for 7 months and have moved about 16 spots since then.  We are still hopeful to get a referral sometime next year but if you do the math for how many spots we've moved in 7 months...well, don't do the math! :)

On other news, Lupe has been a bad dog and has now tore up both bedroom's carpets.  Anyone looking for a crazy dog?  Just kidding, but she will now be punished to her kennel for awhile.  Makes me sad. :(

In the exciting life of Jason, he is now planning another trip back to Africa already.  I wish I was included in the plan :) (maybe next time) but they are working on a father/son that is pretty exciting!  Those kids are going to have a blast with multiple Clement men!  Ha. :)  I can't wait!

That's it for now.  I pray for some movement to get us moving on up the list!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tonight's Skype

Tonight I skyped with Jason and he had a few young men along side. :)  It is so neat to be able to talk to the children there, technology really is incredible.  Jason was pretty tired from staying up late but he was planning to go back to sleep.  Yesterday they went on a boat ride at the opening of the Nile River.  I am excited to see his pictures when he returns.  Today I think they were planning to stay at the orphanage and play more soccer.  The only pictures I have received lately is the important pictures of comparing Lupe to her African cousins...see below. :)  She is definitely a dingo.

My Favorite Skype So Far

I'm pasting in my email to some family and friends from my skype with Jason two nights ago.  It's really more for my own memory than anything else. :)

I could hear kids in the background singing (it was 6am there).  Jason’s group is staying at an orphanage for the next two days.  When they were done with their morning prayers/singing they came and sat by Jason so I could see all the girls faces.  So pretty.  I felt pretty popular but I know it was just the Ipad they were amazed by.  J  Jason asked them what they were singing and they all started to sing ‘ Jesus Loves Me’.  Wow…it was awesome.  They were all smiling, I thought only a few were there, but when I asked them their names it was around 10.  They just crowded around Jason and looked at me on the screen. J  They spoke pretty good English which amazes me.  They have a dog at the orphanage, Jason said it was Lupe’s African cousin…apparently they look similar.  Jason told them we had a dog named Lupe…and they all started giggling.  J  And then when Jason and I would say ‘I love you’, they would chime in with ‘so much’ after.  Ahhh, broke my heart.  It was hard to go to sleep after that! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More on Jason's Group in Africa

I might have to have Jason start updating this blog so I can get in his words his exciting moments, thoughts and memories each day in writing.  But until that happens, here are a few blogs that are being updated by people on the trip.  They are very exciting to read and have some pictures.  I hope whoever is reading this gets as excited as I do when I read them.  Man, I wish I was there!!
Side note: I just read the first blog listed and had to add it - wow, be ready to feel some emotion. - Elder's African Adoption Adventure - Another Piece to His Puzzle - Adventures of the Orange Backpack

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 1 - Jason in Uganda

Here are some pictures that Jason emailed today from their time spent with 300 plus kids at Return Ministries in Uganda.  I LOVE these pics!  The first pic is Jason getting ready to do some 'bucking bronco'...if you recall this from the Bill Cosby show when Rudy had a slumber party. :)  Kids love this!...and Jason is going to have a sore knee tomorrow.